Upgrade your owner experience

Handy extras and top tips to help you get the most out of your campervan

Accessories that add something extra

Take your campervan to the next level and give yourself an upgrade with our great range of accessories.

Handy how-to videos

Whether you’re new to campervan ownership or looking to get more from your camper, our collection of how-to videos are full of helpful tips.

Grab your Revolution Campervans ‘pack-and-go’ checklist

Get out on the road faster

Want to pack your campervan in record time? Follow our checklist of items, prioritised by importance, so you can pack up quickly and get out on the road.

Avoid bringing too much by prioritising

Another great thing about campervans is you don’t need to bring everything. Generally, you can focus on items that are smaller and lighter.

Find the right balance

Our checklist is organised to help you identify your ‘must-bring’ items more quickly so you can enjoy more time outdoors. Most shorter journeys can be more enjoyable simply because you haven’t overpacked.

Speed through your packing process

Though it always pays to prepare ahead-of-time – the items on this checklist are ordered by priority to help you get moving faster. Now, you can know what’s optional – versus essential – in a flash.

Download your journey checklist

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