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How much does a VW camper van cost? OR How much is a campervan?

This is a really tough one to answer! The VW campervan market is very diverse and sale prices can differ hugely. On the whole, though, prices for new VW models are expensive.

If you’re searching for a brand-new VW camper van for sale, you’re likely to have to fork out well over £50,000, which makes converting an existing VW camper far more cost-effective.

At Revolution, each VW camper van for sale in our range starts at £29,995. We feel our camper vans are a real bargain at this pricepoint, given the detail, craftsmanship and specialist Volkswagen knowledge that goes into each camper van in our range.

Are Campervans for sale or for hire?

Both options are available. A quick Google search will find out a whole list of camper vans for sale or hire, so really the choice is yours! 


We fully understand why you’d want to rent a camper, rather than buy one — it’s a great option if you’re planning a short one-off getaway, or just want to try out the camper experience.


However, if you’re planning to go on several trips with your van, we’d advise buying rather than renting as it will probably work out cheaper — not to mention you’ll have the flexibility of going whenever you want, which is kind of the point of the whole camper thing.

As the world gets more mobile and flexible, we’re seeing more and more people buying campers. Van life is a concept that’s really taking off, and people are using their camper to escape every single weekend. We think that the VW campervan, with its durability and versatility, will be at the forefront of this concept.

What's the difference in sale price between a Volkswagen campervan and a van conversion?

It really depends on the make, model and dealer you go for when choosing your camper

If you’re looking for a cheap, new VW camper van for sale, there are certainly bargains to be had, but the bigger Volkswagen models tend to be pricey: In 2018 VW released the California, a classic version of the VW Transporter, for sale at nearly £70,000.

The price of a VW camper conversion also tends to vary (and, of course, you can do it yourself, although it’s certainly a very demanding job!) 

All things considered, we think the sale prices of our VW vans are very competitive in the current market environment.

Where can I park a campervan?

When people contact us regarding a VW camper van for sale, this is usually one of their key questions. This isn’t really surprising: after all, the whole point of buying a VW camper is to be able to go anywhere, anytime right? 

Well, actually there are some restrictions to bear in mind when parking up your vancampervan restrictions can be very strict and they vary significantly from one country to the next. 

In both England and Wales, vans generally need to park in a designated campervan or motorhome park. You might be tempted by ‘wild camping’ in a secluded spot (and VW vans can fit into most spaces) but be warned: you may be trespassing on private property.

In Scotland, on the other hand, vans can park pretty much anywhere they like, provided it’s not explicitly part of someone’s property: the country’s national laws permit wild camping on most unenclosed lands. And in Europe the rules for campers are also pretty generous, with loads of free parking available. 

Once you’ve bought your camper, we’d recommend getting in touch with a Volkswagen van-owner’s club, so you know exactly what to expect before your first journey.

Can I get after-sale support for my campervan?

At Revolution we can certainly provide this facility. We want to maintain our relationship with our customers after the sale is complete, and we’re happy to offer technical advice to help you adjust to your new van. Campers are very much our passion, particularly Volkswagen, so we’re happy to pass on any guidance you need.