We begin each new VW campervan conversion with a thorough design process, creating a bespoke layout before starting the build. Each design is completely unique and we can also incorporate requests from clients, using our customisation technology.


Our team of craftspeople comprises the best and brightest van engineers from across the UK, with a shared passion for high-quality VW campervan conversions. Here’s where they really come into their own.


The VW campervan has a look and feel of its own… but that doesn’t mean we can’t give it a new twist. Once we’ve completed the build, our team can adapt the finish to your specific taste, from solid to metallic to two-tone.


Each VW camper is a labour of love, and doesn’t leave the workshop until we’re satisfied that it meets our specifications. The consistently excellent reviews our campervan conversions receive on social media reflect the rigour of our WC process.

James (Craftsman)
Here at Revolution, we want to make campers we can all be proud of. Working with Revolution is a breath of fresh air. We have been fully supported from start to finish.
The Burtons: Brother’s on the go
Our VW camper is our life. For 10 years, we've used it to travel all over the UK. We love it.
James Ponting, DEALER
Working with Revolution is a breath of fresh air. We have been fully supported from start to finish.

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How do campervan conversions work?

Although each stage is painstaking in its detail, the overall project used to deliver VW campervan conversions isn’t particularly complicated. 

In Rev’s case, we begin each new project by taking a campervan such as a VW Transporter (the T5 is a particular favourite) and fit it out, replacing its interiors and adding electrical equipment for cleaning and cooking facilities, as well as a bed.

At the same time, however, while we reconfigure the interiors, we strive to maintain the classic VW van exterior. We may use a brand-new van, or one with a few miles on the clock; the important thing is that it is in good condition.

Each of our VW campervans goes through the same high-quality build process and we won’t release any van until we’re completely satisfied that it meets our standards. After all, the strength of our brand rests on the quality of our vehicle conversions.

How long does it take to complete a camper van conversion?

While the process may be simple, it can nonetheless be a lengthy task converting campervans — VW or otherwise! 

Our VW campervan conversions take months, but that’s just us. We’d rather people knew us for the high quality of our build process, rather than its high speed.

Some companies will convert a campervan quicker than us — usually by cutting corners, which will be reflected in the vans themselves. Others, particularly those who specialise in big motorhome conversions, will take longer, simply because they’re working with a much bigger van.

How can I finance a campervan?

If you’re struggling to fund your purchase through your own reserves, don’t worry. Lots of people are in the same position; buying a new campervan or motorhome isn’t cheap and VW campervan sales can certainly end up on the pricey side, given its prestige as one of the world’s most vibrant vehicle brands.

When searching for VW campervan conversions, you should be able to find a range of finance options available through the dealer. In fact most camper sales companies will allow you to structure the payment.

In Revolution’s case, we offer a number of packages through our vehicle finance partner, Evolution Funding. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Which are the most popular VW campervan brands?

Well it’s hard to look past the VW Transporter, which remains the best-selling van of all time. 

When Volkswagen released the initial models of the Transporter during the 50s and 60s, they helped power a cultural gathering, ferrying millions of people to festivals, marches and gatherings around the world. The Transporter remains an emblem of freedom and harmony today; in fact, it’s hard to imagine there’s been a more iconic vehicle at any time in history, let alone a more iconic van.

Of the various VW Transporter vans, the original models, the T1 and T2, are probably the most iconic. But the VW T5, which is a roomier and more space-efficient vehicle, is more popular among consumers today, taking the classic Transporter design and giving it a 21st century update.

If you’re looking for an edgier brand, Volkswagen has released plenty of new models onto the market in recent years, notably the California, which is one of the roomier vans on the market (but also one of the more expensive).

Can I part-exchange a car for a campervan?

Yes, it’s certainly possible, and indeed common practice among those searching for a campervan conversion. A number of campervan dealerships (including VW camper specialists) offer the option of exchanging a car for a van.

If you are interested in an exchange, just contact your dealership and ask whether they offer this service. Most VW camper sales websites will have this information readily available.

What is the resale value of a campervan?

Again, this will vary hugely from one campervan to the next, and will depend on a number of factors, notably the age of the camper, its original condition and the quality of the conversion. If it’s only got a few hundred miles on the clock and is still basically good as new, it’s going to be far more appealing to a potential buyer than a van which has been up and down the country dozens of times.

Although VW campervans tend to hold their value well, we’ve noticed a huge disparity in the resale price of the VW T5, given the huge disparity in condition of vans on the market. It’s a similar story for the whole VW Transporter camper family, to be honest.

If you already have a VW camper and are looking to sell it to fund a new one, you may want to go online, as plenty of sites offer guide prices for a campervan conversion.

Do I get a warranty with a campervan conversion?

All our VW campervan conversions come with a warranty. We take pride in the high quality of our camper vehicle refits, but we know that, every so often, things can go wrong and it’s important to have that back-up. Feel free to contact us for more information.