How crossing off one item on your bucket list can lead to a longer list – of attractive destinations

John Smith and his wife Lyn are no strangers to the outdoors, and have always been into camping. About eight years ago they decided to hire a motorhome so they could attend a triathlon event in Germany, and then spend three weeks touring around Europe. “It was the best holiday we’d had,” John said. “That put the idea of owning a campervan into our heads.”

Flash forward a few years, with their children grown, John and Lyn wanted the ability to take three or four holidays per year without too much planning. They also thought it would be a treat to bring their cockapoo puppy Hamish along on these modest adventures, if possible.

Though they’d never owned a campervan before, they’d had exposure to Volkswagen vans back when they used to drive a T5 around for their daughter’s cycling events.

As they kept thinking it through, they struggled with one dilemma, in particular. John and Lyn worried that a motorhome can be a big investment if you just let the vehicle sit there most of the year.

“A campervan had been on our retirement bucket list for ages,” John said. But like a number of people, it was the COVID-19 pandemic that pushed them to get more serious about their little campervan dream. The situation “made us realise there were lots of places in the UK we’d like to see.”

Actually, leading up to that time, John had already been putting in lots of research, but hadn’t pulled the trigger. “Honestly, I contacted a few converters. But I had been holding onto a few full order books for about a year.“

His advice is to know what you want in a camper based on how you plan to use it. For example, would you want an oven or microwave? What kind of wheelbase length is best for you – short or long? You might not think it at first, but these are important questions to have answers to!

For John and Lyn, a campervan seemed a better option than a motorhome, because they could use it as a spare vehicle year-round. So, they decided to move forward, and soon enough they were in touch with the team at Revolution Campervans.

From there, “We got a bit lucky on the timing,” John said. Andy Burgess managed to source a brand new Volkswagen T6.1 fairly quickly. And because they have a big production facility it meant we wouldn’t have to wait too long.”

Asked why they chose to move forward with Revolution, John said, “Andy and everyone at Revolution were superb.”

“They took our car as a trade-in and organised the finance, so it was like a one stop shop. The Revolution team was really flexible – and it made the whole process easier. They now own a beautiful 2021 VW T6.1 Revolution Ricos and say they’re, “over the moon with it.”

“We live in Scotland and are lucky enough to have many beautiful places within one to two hours from home. In the first month of getting the campervan we went on our first trip only 25 miles from home and then Aviemore – about two hours away.” John said, “We love the freedom and flexibility to go away for a few nights. Now we can do what we want, when we want.”

John and Lyn already have six or seven other trips planned!

Want to make your dream of owning a campervan a reality?