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Campervan finance explained

Hire Purchase

Many people choose Hire Purchase to buy their camper. You simply pay a deposit, confirm monthly repayments across an agreed time period, and your campervan is all yours once the final payment has been made. Borrow any amount from £2,500 and set repayments over two to 10 years. You pay a fixed rate of interest and have fixed monthly payments to make budgeting easy.

Hire Purchase is ideal if you want to own your campervan at the end of the finance period. You want to know your exact amount of repayments each month and do not want a final lump sum payment.

Please remember that you do not own the campervan until all repayments have been made. Your campervan is at risk of repossession if you cannot meet the repayment terms.

Example HP Finance Deal

Vehicle cost: £50,500
Deposit 10%: £5050.00
Balance to finance: £45450.00
Option to purchase fee: 1
Repayable by 48 monthly payments of: £520.67
Total repayable: £67531.40
APR: 7.9%

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