2019 T6 Revolution Ricos / White over copper bronze

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2019 T6 Revolution Ricos

With our standard Ricos conversion the full specification includes Lightweight PLY CNC Cut Cabinets, 4 Berth, Pop Roof, Roof bed, 112 Fixed Bed, Fully Glazed with Two Sliding Windows, ABS Machined Edging, Front Swivelling Chair, Insulated Roof, LED Touch Lights, Double Gas Hob, Grill, Sink, Fridge Freezer, 60 litre Underslung Water Tank, Battery to Battery Charging, 240v HookUp, Gas Tested, BCA PMS, Seattle LED Control with Touch Control Management and Fully Insulated with 10mm Thermo-shield

With our standard Ricos conversion the full specification includes:


White over copper bronze



Fuel type











  • Specification

  • Floor plan

Standard equipment
  • Double Front Swivelling Chair
  • Insulated Elevating Roof
  • LED Touch Lights
  • Porta Poti Storage
  • Domestic 9722 Double Gas Hob
  • SMEV555 Grill
  • Sink unit
  • Sterling Battery to Battery Charging
  • 48lt Fridge & Freezer
  • Tarlay Flooring
  • 240v Hook Up
  • 60Lt Underslung Water Tank
  • Gas Tested
  • BCA Power Management System
  • Seattle LED Touch Control Management
  • Insulated Cavity Walls
  • Webasto Diesel Heater
  • Double (120w) Solar Panels
  • Single Passenger seat with safe box ba
  • Sportline Front & Rear Spoiler Kit
  • External Shower
  • Fiamma F45 Awning
  • Side Steps
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John and Lyn Smith
“Andy Burgess and everyone at Revolution were superb. I couldn’t fault them.”
Richard & Marianne Wallis
“We liked their approach and when we went to see Andy Burgess at Revolution’s factory we also liked what we saw.”
Steve Cubbage
“You will know when you’ve found the right company to build your pride and joy, especially if you give the guys at Revolution a call.”
Graham & Cathy Yates
“It was a completely different set-up to the other place, and we felt really comfortable with everyone at Revolution.”

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Campervan conversions explained

What is a campervan conversion?

When searching for a campervan for sale, it’s easy to get lost in all the specs and promises of the different manufacturers. But essentially, it’s simple: a camper conversion is the refit of a van (often a Volkswagen) that’s already in decent condition.

Whether you’re converting a nifty little van or a deluxe motorhome, the fundamentals are the same. The vehicle needs a bed, some kitchen equipment, some electrical wiring and, ideally, a shower facility to kit it out for its new role.

At Rev, we completely refit each of our Volkswagen T6 campervans before releasing it for sale. We remove all the interiors and redesign the van from top to bottom, with the same level of detail as if we were redesigning a room in our house.

Can I live in a campervan?

Yes, you can! Each campervan for sale in our range is fully equipped to allow you to live in it. All three of our Volkswagen camper models come with a bed and kitchen area, fitted with all the home comforts such as a hob and sink, fridge, oven and power points, so you can use your phone, computer or other electronics as you would in a house.

In fact, the ability to ‘live on the road’ is one of the main selling points of a VW campervan. Many people now use their camper vehicle to live a nomadic lifestyle, travelling the world and taking their job with them (which is particularly appealing if you work freelance or your company allows remote working).

What are the best campervans to buy?

Well, we’re a bit biased, but we don’t think you’ll find a better all-round campervan for sale than Volkswagen models. VW campers have built themselves a reputation among enthusiasts for their durability, and Volkswagen have been at the forefront of the campervan sales market for decades with its sleek, stylish and reliable van range.

We base our camper conversions on the VW Transporter. With a 70-year heritage under its belt based on quality and reliability, it’s no wonder that you still see so many cool custom campers still on the road today. T6 Campervans today champion many of the design qualities seen on Transporter models of the past, and we can help you replicate those retro looks with a wide range of colours and paint styles available.

What equipment do I get in a campervan?

Most good campers will feature the basics required for living such as a bed, cooking area and some washing facilities – the rest is up to you! There are plenty of options for storage and power for your essentials and electronics depending on how long you plan on using your campervan, and what for. Many people use their campers for a mix of work and leisure, and you can outfit your camper accordingly. Take a look at our picks for the top campervan equipment you should look out for.

At Revolution, each campervan for sale in our range has a bed and a kitchen area, and even the smallest vehicle in our fleet has an optional shower space (this comes as standard in the bigger van models). We’d be delighted to chat with you about the features that you want in your vehicle at the outset of the sale process.

Can I design my own campervan?

With Revolution you certainly can! Unlike a lot of campervan and motorhome companies, we ensure that every vehicle we release for sale is as unique as the person driving it. From design to release, our process creates a bespoke camper fit for your needs.

In fact, each camper conversion for sale in our fleet can be customised to your exact specification. Choose from our range of three base models and, using our design technology, you can alter the colour scheme and finish of your camper as well as adding extra features and accessories. It’s a key part of our sale process and one our customers seem to enjoy!

What are the advantages of a campervan versus a motorhome?

This is another of those questions we get asked all the time. In essence, the boundaries are pretty blurred: although a motorhome is usually built on the chassis of a bus rather than a van, and the cab is separated from the living area, the two tend to overlap.

In general, those seeking a motorhome for sale will tend to want slightly more room, whereas camper fans will be seeking something a bit more dynamic and flexible, which can be used for more spontaneous excursions. Campervans may have less space than conventional motorhomes but that doesn’t mean they are lacking in features. You will still find all the essential equipment that you need along with plenty of storage space.

Although there are plenty of good motorhomes for sale at the moment (at good prices too) if you’re part of the ‘jump and go’ generation, we’d definitely advise you to get a campervan — and a Revolution campervan conversion may be perfect for you.

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