avatar Andrew Burgess August 26, 2021

When you travel this much, your own campervan just makes sense

Graham and Cathy Yates are no strangers to traveling or camping. Both are former kayaking instructors and Graham was a scout leader, so they’ve spent plentry of time in tents under the stars over the years.

Back when they started visiting Graham’s son in South Africa for a few months each year, they would hire a car and camping trailer to explore the national parks. But their biggest camping excursion was around 10 years ago when they bought a Navara pickup and fifth-wheel home to travel all around Europe. On this trek, they saw Scandinavia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia – before taking a ferry across to Italy and another to the island of Sicily. There, they enjoyed three months on the island before slowly making their way back up to their home in Wales, 18,000 miles later.

Having tried so many different camping options, why did they plump for a brand new VW T6.1 campervan?

“We’d lived in Wales for about three years but hadn’t really ventured very far from the golf course. Cathy had always fancied a campervan. We hemmed and hawed for a little while, but then thought, why not?” said Graham.

After spotting an online advert they made a few enquiries. Soon after, they got a call back and made an appointment to visit the Revolution factory.

Graham explained, “There are a number of campervans and converters out there. We did visit a manufacturer with a big, flashy showroom, but when we got to Revolution we immediately sat down and went through everything. It was a completely different set-up to the other place, and we felt really comfortable with everyone at Revolution.”

Initially, they started looking at secondhand, low-mileage Volkswagen models. But as we all know, VWs hold their value exceptionally well – so they ended up going for a new one instead.

Like many owners, Graham and Cathy use their campervan as a second car as well. “There aren’t many days where it doesn’t get used,” said Graham.

The first camping trips with their new campervan were relatively local, such as a trip to the coast for one night, which was only about an hour away. These were more like test runs to get themselves used to the camper. They were obviously successful journeys, as they now have a calendar full of trips for the season.

Soon, their sense of adventure will see them exploring as far as the Scottish islands of Shetland and Orkney with their trusty VW T6.1. They also plan to visit Norway and the Arctic Circle next year.

Asked for a top piece of advice, Graham and Cathy agreed on the importance of getting a good night’s sleep when you’re out and about. Simply adding a memory-foam topper to your mattress makes for a more blissful night’s rest – and we’d say it’s well deserved after all that traveling!

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