avatar Andrew Burgess December 5, 2020

Swap your company car for a campervan

For a lot of the country over the past year, working from home has kept the company car on the drive as we adjust to a new work-life balance. Now that Zoom meetings have become commonplace, it’s just got easier to justify having a more versatile vehicle as your main car, rather than something more traditional to have for work: a cool campervan!

Yes, believe it, or not, during the lockdown, more and more people found they were paying for a car, quite often with a premium badge, that was just sitting on the drive going nowhere. Why not use your car allowance on something more fun, enjoyable and uplifting?

Goodbye company car, hello lifestyle

Do you still need a ‘respectable’ traditional saloon, hatchback or SUV?

Most company car drivers aren’t visiting customers anymore – and aren’t likely to for a while, and one look at a typical school-run and you can’t help thinking that for about the same level of investment, so many of those cars and 4X4’s could be swapped for campervans offering oodles more practicality, lifestyle options and a much cooler image.

The more you think about it, there’s never been a better time to trade-in your car and finance a campervan instead – for a similar budget, probably.

Switching up working from home

Plus, you get the added bonus of using your campervan as a home office during the week, then being a vehicle to escape in for weekends away and a road trip, or two. You won’t regret it.

WFH has become the norm for millions in 2020, but if you have a campervan as your home office, you don’t have to actually work at home. Instead, you can escape for the day to somewhere probably more peaceful, without distractions like the TV or an ironing pile trying to lure you away from your laptop.

The pandemic has made lots of people decide that a campervan is the perfect way to create their own mobile bubble and socially distance from as many people as possible in your own space, with your own things around you.

Hear more from our customers on how their campervans have transformed both work and home life over the past year.

WFA (Working From Anywhere!)

Phones and laptops are designed for mobile living, so are campervans, so they’re a perfect match. Go somewhere scenic, pop up the roof, put the kettle on for a cuppa, or, if it’s summer, grab something chilled from the fridge. You can even rustle up some lunch on the cooker and charge your phone from the leisure battery. Sounds far more inspiring than sitting at the dining table at home, or stuck in the spare room that you’ve turned into an office, doesn’t it?

If you forget to charge your laptop before you set off, you can get inverters to power it up in your campervan – unless you want to pay to use a hook-up at a campsite somewhere for the day! Oh, and taking your own portable toilet might be useful, too.

Easy to use (and park)

You’re not likely to replace your company car for a coachbuilt motorhome as they’re much bigger and bulkier. Conveniently, campervans usually fit in supermarket car park spaces and under most height barriers.

And if you need to use your campervan for a business visit, just think what an ice-breaker and talking point it will be in your meeting. And if you need to stay away, it could save you from staying in boring hotels – and lots of cash.

Value for money

What about the cost of buying it? Yes, just like ordering many of the new cars you see on the roads, you can also add a few desirable options, styling kits and smart alloys to bump up the price of a new campervan, but in many cases, there may not be as much of a price difference as you’d think.

To make a campervan more affordable, consider buying a new conversion on a used base vehicle. It will feel every bit like a brand new campervan once the conversion has been done, and you should be able to choose just what you want its interior to look like.

The exterior can be transformed, too, with classic two-tone paintwork, or colour highlights on selected parts of the body, or a full body kit. It’s your choice. Even ‘just’ adding some cool wheels and lowering the suspension slightly is enough to turn a used van into the campervan of your dreams.

There’s bound to be a camper to suit your budget, explore our range of campers for sale to see what is available.


If you haven’t driven a van before, or think it’s not going to be as nice as your car, don’t worry, they’re every bit as good these days. 

Take the Volkswagen Transporter, for example. It is, by far, the most popular choice for a campervan, and with good reason. It has an enviable feel of quality and durability, and these days come well equipped with all the mod cons (such as parking sensors, air conditioning, sat nav, etc.) you’d get in a Golf. Being designed for commercial use means they’re easy to use and drive as well. It’s not really much bigger than a large family estate car, and certainly on par with many SUVs. Other campervan base vehicles are available, of course, but not being as popular means they’re probably cheaper.


Still questioning whether a campervan is right for you? Check out our 10 things to consider when choosing a campervan for more information.

Just ask any campervan owner you see, and there can be no doubt that they will tell you that you won’t regret it. Why not hire one first to get a taste of what more a campervan would add to your life. Go on, you know you want to. Life’s too short. You only live once. Life’s a beach. Live the dream. Remember, it’s not only a change to your lifestyle – it’s an extra room for your house as well!

Find the right camper for your needs from our range of 3 bespoke models, fully customisable to suit your lifestyle.

If you can’t find a van that meets your specification, book an online consultation with one of our van designers. We will help you design the best van for your budget and specification made to order in 12 weeks.

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