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Finding just the campervan team for your needs can really pay off

Steve Cubbage had never owned a caravan or motorhome before, but he and his wife were looking for an everyday vehicle that could also be used for day trips that their dog could tag along on as well.

As far as the wheel base size, he already knew what he wanted. “I didn’t want to change my mind about that, as it would be more practical.” He also knew exactly what his budget was.

When it came time to educate himself on campervans, Steve invested a lot of time into research. For him, it would be no small purchase. “I wanted to get everything right – and all the boxes ticked.”

So, he began looking at many suppliers all over the country. But once he got the idea to focus on converted vans, his search went in a more promising direction. “As soon as I googled campervan conversion companies, Revolution came up,” Steve said.

Though Revolution Campervans wasn’t quite as local as he wished, he reasoned that distance didn’t matter as much. “I was willing to travel a bit to get exactly what I wanted,” said Steve. “I researched the campervan forums to see what people’s opinions were.” From there, he got a pretty good idea of both the positive and negative experiences other campervan owners had experienced.

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Once he spoke with Andy Burgess, things took a good turn. Steve said, “Right from the very first phone call to Revolution, I knew that these guys were the best that I had contacted. Andy seemed to care more about what Steve wanted to accomplish with his campervan purchase than forcing a transaction. Steve continued that there were “no pushy sales (people). They listened to what I wanted and didn’t try to change my mind.”

They invited him to drive down and have a look at their setup. “I travelled over 100 miles to go see Andy and Jonathan.” After they sat down and discussed my requirements. Steve was happy enough to place an order for the exact camper and spec he wanted. Andy kept him updated throughout the build and sent pictures of its progress until the day came to collect it.

Asked for any tips for someone buying their first campervan, Steve offered the advice to not rush into it too quickly. “Do your research, know exactly what you want, and don’t be persuaded to change your mind by any supplier.”

“You will know when you’ve found the right company to build your pride and joy, especially if you give the guys at Revolution a call.”

Since taking delivery of his Revolution campervan, Steve joined the caravan and camping club and has booked several trips already this year via their app. Steve said, “It’s so easy to do and the app offers such a wide choice of sites in the UK.”

Now, as a proud owner, Steve realised that another great thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of planning to go away in a camper. “If you feel like going away at short notice, then do it!”

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