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Not sure which campervan will suit your needs? Get some advice from an experienced camper who’s lived the van life.

Triathlon and marathon runner, Lee Barber, is no stranger to camping. What started out as a way to see and do more around the country by camping in tents, progressed to where he actually owned his own caravan – an old Renault Trafic camper.

But once his family – including wife Helen and son Brandon – got more experience on the road, they hoped to find a vehicle that would better suit their needs.

And frankly, their needs were not light! Here are some of the things the Barber’s expected to be able to do with a new campervan:

  • Use it as a comfortable base when competing at various sporting events around the UK
  • Get his son Brandon and his friends to and from football training (while allowing a convenient place to get changed in and out of their kits)
  • Accomplish errands around town for both work and family duties

But all their experience with camping and being on the road came in handy when it came time to look around for a new campervan. Following some research and a bit of due diligence, Lee ended up choosing a camper from Revolution Campervans.

What drove him toward the brand is a familiar tale; he was reassured by his experience with the company right from the start: “The folks at Revolution were great. Nothing seemed to be a problem – and they were really easy to deal with. We were happy to go ahead with them,” he said.

“They managed to source a VW van for us really quickly in exactly the colour we wanted. If we ever had any questions, they were always at the end of the phone to help, which was very reassuring.” Lee added.

If you’ve heard anything about Revolution, you know the staff here encourages everyone to see how its campervans are produced. Unfortunately, when they were trying to make a decision, Lee couldn’t find time to fit in a visit before making the purchase. But as it turns out, this is not unusual and doesn’t really seem to cause many problems.

Lee chose all the details for his campervan over the phone, and as he lives not too far from the Revolution factory in Cambridgeshire, his campervan was delivered direct to his door. He says: “We are really happy with it. It’s so much better than what we had before. Brandon particularly likes the roof space with his own place to sleep.”

Not surprisingly, Lee’s first trip in his new campervan (a Revolution conversion of a 2018 Volkswagen Transporter in Indium Grey) was for a long weekend to Nottingham to run in a half marathon event.

After their first four nights away in their new VW campervan, Lee was suitably impressed: “It’s a massive upgrade to our previous camper,” he said. “Everything went well and we’re really happy with the build quality,” he added.

As you might expect, they have lots of travels planned for their campervan, most incorporating a sporting event, including trips to Scotland and Wales this year and, hopefully, Italy in 2022.

Does Lee have any top tips to offer? Well, yes. For anyone looking to buy a campervan, he recommends doing your research and talking to people – both owners and converters. And finally, of course, Lee offers the following advice to anyone searching for a campervan, “Speak to Revolution Campers.”

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