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You can only join so many clubs in life – so choose carefully!

You might say that before Kevin Francis became focused on the possibility of owning a campervan, he most certainly had the scooter bug. He owns a classic 1964 Lambretta and has attended rallies all over Europe with his Club – sometimes with up to 3,000 other scooters.

But riding the scooter itself around those long distances wasn’t very practical. He was looking for a solution that would enable him to tow the scooter, and possibly allow him to camp.

Ultimately, Kevin set his sights on a campervan because it’s an easier way to travel than with a large motorhome or a caravan. And he knew that over the longer term, the plan is for him and Joy to go on lots more trips once they retire.

After consulting with the team at Revolution, they were fast on their way toward creating just the right campervan for their needs. Once they settled on a Revolution Ricos campervan conversion of a 2019 Volkswagen Transporter, it was time to outfit it properly. He chose a bespoke specification with smart alloy wheels. It features a metallic grey exterior with contrasting bright orange highlights on the front grille, spoiler, and door handles. That same orange is used as a highlight colour in the interior, such as the stitching on the leather upholstery. Asked for his opinion on the style, Kevin said it’s “just amazing!”

Regarding the process, he thinks it was pretty easy and convenient. He was clearly impressed by the service he experienced. “Andy and Jonathan were so helpful. There was no hassle. Nothing was too much trouble for them.”

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Before he placed his order, Kevin visited the factory to see how Revolution converts Volkswagen Transporters into campervans. “We just sat down and created a bespoke campervan for me, even down to the details like the orange banding around the kitchen and table to match the orange highlights on the outside,” said Kevin.

Like most people, Kevin looked at several campervans before choosing his Revolution Ricos: “I saw some campervans that were cheaper, but the quality of the build was not as good as the others,” said Kevin. “Revolution builds a quality product. There’s no skimping on what they do,” he added.

The lockdown meant an extended wait for his campervan, but since getting it in April, he is eagerly looking forward to more scooter rallies again this summer. It looks like his first trip will be to Skegness, followed by as many as possible all over the UK and abroad.

Wondering how exactly Kevin gets the scooter around? It’s simple, really. He either takes his scooter with him on a towbar-mounted bike rack or – if they’re going somewhere reasonably local – he’ll ride his Lambretta while his wife drives the campervan.

They have found that the Revolution Rico campervan attracts a lot of attention wherever he goes. Apparently, it’s not unusual for people to stop and ask him where he got it from. In fact, several of his neighbours now want one like it!

“The best thing about having a campervan is how often you can just get in and go away, move on when you want and be able to stop where you like. It’s just great!” says Kevin.

Have fun, Kevin!

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