avatar Andrew Burgess March 26, 2021

Camper how-to: water pump setup & switch to leisure battery

When it comes to pitching up and getting settled into your campervan for your stay, setting up the leisure battery and water pump are the first steps you need to take in order to start living for the week or weekend that you get away.

We’ve created some short video guides to help you find the details in your camper, and check our guide below for more information.

Setting up the leisure battery

In order to use the electrics inside your campervan such as the lights, cooker and plug sockets, you will need to switch on the leisure battery. Take a look at the video below to show how this is done.

At the rear of the camper, open the rear doors to reveal the back panel. The small door in the upper section of the panel hides the power supply unit. On this power supply unit you should find a red switch which activates the power leisure battery. 

This section also includes the fuses and breakers in the event of electrical failure. It is recommended to get accustomed to this panel before using your camper in the event of an issue occurring. 

Now that the leisure battery has been switched on, check the operational panel inside the main compartment of the campervan, it will be a small panel located just above the plug sockets. On this panel, press the ‘on’ button located in the top left and you will see the panel begin to light up to indicate that power is on. The bottom two buttons on the panel are used to switch on the water pump and interior lights of the camper. Pressing these two buttons should show an LED light indicating that they are on.

To test that the interior lights are switched on and working, touch the lights in the roof of your camper. The leisure battery is now ready for use and will work with the electricals in your camper. To turn off the leisure battery when not in use, return to the rear of the camper and flick the red switch on the power supply unit to the off position.

When not in use for an extended period of time, such as over winter, it is useful to remove the battery to charge and avoid wear.

Activating the water pump

To use the sink and tap inside of your campervan, you will need to have the water pump set up and working effectively. Our video and guide below will show you how to set these up in a short process.

To activate the water pump inside your campervan, follow the steps above to switch on the leisure battery for your campervan. The power supply unit can be found towards the rear of the camper, behind a small door on the back panel of the wooden unit. 

Once the power has been turned on, inspect the control panel on the inside of the camper just above the power sockets. The bottom left button here will activate the water pump and ready it for use. You will be able to see that the pump is turned on by the small LED light that illuminates when the button is pressed. 

To test the water supply in the campervan, lift the worktop portion that covers the sink on the worktop. You will then be able to lift up the folding tap spout and turn on the water flow using the tap handle next to it.

To avoid excessive noise during the night, it may be useful to switch off the water pump after use.

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The leisure battery and water pumps are just one of the many innovative features that make our range of campervans comfortable as homes-from-home for adventures wherever you go. Start designing your camper with all the features you need for a comfortable adventure and speak to one of our van designers to find the camper of your dreams.

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