avatar Andrew Burgess March 26, 2021

How to set up your campers swivel chairs

Setting up your camper’s swivel chairs allows you to complete the camper interior for seating guests and getting comfortable once you’ve found the ideal location to pitch up for the night. Along with the folding camper table, your camper will seat your guests in style for a wide variety of activities.

Our guide below will show you how to set up the front swivel chairs in a few short steps, watch our instructional video for extra guidance if you get stuck.

Open the middle sliding door and start in the middle section of the cab. To the rear of the front double seat section, close to the floor you will find two pins that lock the seats into position. Unscrew these to release the seats, the two side pins on each main pin have slots to keep them out of the way while you rotate the seats.

Rotate the entire seat section around, the seats should rotate smoothly using the swivel mechanism and allow the seats to be positioned correctly. The front section of the seats have similar screw pins which can be screwed into place to lock the seats into place for use in the camper interior.

To reverse the process and return the seats to their forward facing position, unscrew the locking pins and rotate the seat assembly around again to the front facing position.

To complete the inner seating section for seating and eating, take a look at our guide to fixing the folding camper table into place, the swivel chairs and camping table allow the main cabin to be used for meal times, socialising and seating comfortably inside the camper when the weather outside takes a turn. 

See our other video guides for more information on how to:

The front swivel chairs are just one of the many innovative features that make our range of campervans comfortable as homes-from-home for adventures wherever you go. Start designing your camper with all the features you need for a comfortable adventure and speak to one of our van designers to find the camper of your dreams.

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