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The step-by-step guide to securing a caravan table

Fixing the folding camper table in your campervan is quick and simple, and can be completed in a few steps. If you’re looking to set up your campervan table for the first time, or just need a refresher on what to do, let our quick guide and instructional video show you the way.

Step 1 – Find the table and release it for use.

Your folding camper table is located to the rear of the campervan, stored on the inside of the rear folding door. Open the rear doors from the outside of the vehicle and locate the table in the right door. To release the table from the door, rotate the holding latch around and lift the table out of its holder.

Step 2 – Lock the table into place in the main cab of the camper.

The table is now ready to slot into place. The camper table fits into place in the main cab of the campervan between the front and rear seats. Just above the oven in the centre section of the worktop cabinets you will find a small metal rail, here you can hook the table onto this rail, lower the table into the horizontal position and push the rear clips in to secure it into place. Refer to the video above to show you exactly how this is done.

Finally, underneath the table is the folding leg. Release the leg by pushing the small release near the hinge and gently pull the leg down into its secure position. Your camper van table is now fully assembled and ready for use! The table is perfect for use for breakfast or any meal times, with the rear seats and front swivel seats providing seating for all inside. See our guide on setting up your swivel chairs to complete your set up.

Step 3 – Releasing the table and storing for future use.

Removing the table and storing it for future use is as simple as reversing the steps to set it up. Firstly, lift the table leg back into position and unclip the clips that secure the table to the rails. Next, lift the table off the rail and store away securely in the compartment of the rear doors for future use.

Your camper table will be able to accommodate all your sit down meals and social times comfortably wherever you pitch up, as well as providing a great surface for playing games, sharing drinks and spending time inside when the weather takes a turn outside.

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The folding camper table in every Revolution camper model is just one of the many innovative features that make our range of campervans comfortable as homes-from-home for adventures wherever you go. Start designing your camper with all the features you need for a comfortable adventure and speak to one of our van designers to find the camper of your dreams.

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