avatar Andrew Burgess February 12, 2021

Camper Reflections, Changing Campervans For Changing Lifestyles

Are you dreaming of a campervan holiday in 2021? You’re not alone. Campervans have been selling like hot cakes over the last few years. It’s the sector of the motorhome market that’s seeing the most growth – not just in the UK, but all over Europe. 

More and more people want a lifestyle vehicle so they can make the most of their weekends and holidays. Young families want a campervan for days out, those with hobbies and sports commitments want something to take all their kit, and silver surfers are fulfilling their dreams of touring and exploring after retirement. 

The idea of a true multi-purpose vehicle that you can commute to work in, take to the supermarket and use as a home from home for camping trips and adventures is more desirable than ever.

Volkswagen Dreaming

Volkswagen campervans are still the most popular. Yes, there are conversions on other worthy base vehicles, but the image of a cool VW camper still wins more people’s hearts each year.

With a 70 year heritage, the Volkswagen Transporter is the iconic campervan of all times, and it’s hard to imagine that ever changing.

Home (Or Work) Is Where You Park It

Since the pandemic changed everyone’s work routines, there’s been a new trend of people buying campervans to work from home as an extra room away from domestic distractions. A campervan is more desirable than a work studio in the garden, especially as it can double up as a home from home anywhere you take it.

Believe it or not, people don’t always use their campervan to sleep in. They’re also popular as a vehicle that’s more versatile than any estate car or 4×4.


Reflecting on the classic campervan designs over the last five, 10 or 50 years shows hardly any change. The most popular campervan format is still a pop-up roof with a side kitchen and rear seat that converts into a double bed. Will this change in the future? Who knows? Many DIY camper designers are coming up with intuitive features and designs to fit their needs which could inspire the mainstream in years to come.

Electric Future

What will the change to electric vehicles mean for campervans? 

Well, the change from petrol and diesel to electric could create more demand for campervans. Why? Because campervans are the lightest, most practical format of any type of camping vehicle to use battery power instead of petrol or diesel. 

The bulk and weight of a coachbuilt motorhome would be too much for the current crop of electric vehicles that could be used as a base. The impact on the range of the power stored in the battery would not make it very viable to travel over a longer distance.

Volkswagen has already teased us with its very exciting ID Buzz electric camper van. Its retro styling is a perfect modern interpretation of the original ‘split-screen’ Transporter that is so iconic. And it’s promised to go into production in the next couple of years, so assuming the electrics don’t get in the way of conversion options, it will make Volkswagen campers even more desirable.

The Future Is Freedom

The future of campervans as a vehicle may be changing, but the main reason why people are so attracted by the prospect of owning one certainly isn’t. The freedom that comes with a campervan is unmatched, and with people looking to recapture their sense of freedom and exploration soon following the pandemic, campervans may be the perfect vehicle.

If you’re looking to take your first steps towards a new world of freedom and exploration, take a look at our range of vw campervan conversions, each built towards a particular lifestyle. Design your own campervan from a range of equipment, accessories and design finishes and get in touch with one of our expert van designers to make your dream come to life.

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