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6 great reasons for choosing a campervan instead of a motorhome or caravan

What advantages does a campervan have compared to a motorhome or a caravan?

We know customers who have bought a campervan after years of having a large motorhome, and others who decided they didn’t want a caravan anymore.

What drives them to this decision? And for new customers choosing the campervan route, why isn’t the extra space of a motorhome or caravan more tempting?

Well, there are many advantages to owning a campervan that give it the edge.

Here are six of the best reasons for choosing a campervan over a motorhome or caravan:

1: A campervan can double as your main car

This is a major reason for having a campervan instead of a motorhome or caravan. Campervans are compact enough to also be used as your main car for work and shopping trips, so you don’t necessarily need to have a motorhome and a car as well.

When you consider that some motorhomes can cost a similar amount to a campervan, the extra room and storage space of a motorhome might sound more tempting. However, the extra bulk of a motorhome means it’s really only going to be used for holidays. This means your motorhome investment is likely to end up sitting on your drive or in storage for most of the year.

The caravan alternative may be a smaller investment than a campervan or motorhome, but it’s a very different proposition. You’d have to be comfortable towing it, have somewhere to store it, be prepared to travel more slowly, and spend longer getting it set up and ready to use once you arrive. A caravan means another vehicle to service, insure and store, unless you have room for it at home.


2. Campervans are cheaper to run than motorhomes

Campervans are almost always cheaper to own than a motorhome. They should do more miles per gallon, so you can spend less on fuel on each journey.

What’s more, with such strong demand and the eternal appeal of a campervan, used Volkswagen campervans have consistently high resale values. Taking into account the low depreciation and greater chance of making money back in the future, the total cost of ownership is even lower.

When it comes to caravans, you also have to factor in the cost of owning and running the towing vehicle, as you only get the living space and not the locomotion.

3. Campervans are more driveable (and parkable)

A Volkswagen Transporter, for example, is much more car-like to drive and quieter than a motorhome. That can make a big difference on a long journey, or if you’re in a bit of a hurry. Motorhomes are notorious for squeaking or rattling while you’re driving, and their larger volume seems to increase the amount of road noise.

The cab of a Volkswagen Transporter has a genuinely ‘premium’ feel to it compared to most motorhomes. And, Volkswagen now has almost all the luxuries and mod-cons from its passenger cars available for its commercial vehicle models, so you won’t even feel like you’re driving a van.

Because it’s smaller and lower than a van conversion or a motorhome, you get less road noise and wind resistance when travelling in a Volkswagen campervan. It also means you’ll usually fit under the majority of height barriers at car parks (if you have a pop-top rather than a high roof).

And when it comes to parking, a standard or long wheelbase VW campervan is always easier to fit in car park spaces — and far more subtle and low-key than a motorhome.

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4: Explore scenic areas with smaller roads

Did you hear about the motorhome that got stuck in a narrow road in Cornwall? It was so tightly wedged in that the occupants couldn’t get out. The more compact size of a campervan means you can travel to pretty much anywhere a car can go, taking the scenic route and avoiding the embarrassment and cost of a mishap like this!

This explorability factor means you can access the more remote and atmospheric campsites that are only open for tents or campervans. It would be very difficult or impossible to get to them with a motorhome or caravan.

A campervan is about the same size as a large family estate car, so it gives you more scope to go more or less anywhere without the fear of having to turn a cumbersome motorhome around in a small space or reverse out of a tight spot.

And if you really want to explore off the beaten track, then it’s good to know that the Volkswagen Transporter is available with all-wheel drive as well.

5: Campervans are cooler!

Putting all rational and practical reasons for buying a campervan over any other alternatives aside for a moment, let’s be honest — what camping vehicle could be as cool or desirable as a Volkswagen campervan?

Motorhomes may be cooler than caravans, but campervans trump everything else. They speak of road trips, surfing and freedom. You only have to look up #vanlife on Instagram or Pinterest to get inspired by real people living their best mobile lives in campervans.

6: The campervan community is amazing

You can easily meet new people and make new friends when you have a Volkswagen campervan. Owners join a worldwide community of fans who organise events and rallies.

Other VW camper owners are highly likely to give you a wave when passing you on the road, say a friendly hello on campsite and share advice and inside knowledge.

And of course, no other campervan has so many magazines and owners clubs dedicated to it as the Volkswagen Transporter.

As the famous line goes, ‘Home is where you park it’. And with a Volkswagen campervan, anywhere can feel like home.

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