avatar Andrew Burgess November 25, 2020

10 reasons not to buy a VW California!

The VW California is a very successful campervan, and there are lots of very worthy reasons for this; however, it’s also got some features (dare we say, disadvantages?) that we don’t think are as good as a Revolution campervan conversion.

You might think all campervans look the same, but they’re not, so, to help you make the most informed decision when buying the campervan of your dreams, we thought we should highlight some of the key differences (and some similarities) and things we don’t like about the California.

1. Seating Capacity

A key reason why many people don’t buy a California is that it ‘only’ seats four people. That’s no good for a family with three children.

Even if you’re a couple or a family of four, if your campervan is also your everyday vehicle and you ever want to pick up an extra child on the school run, take grandparents out for a day trip, take grandchildren away for a holiday, or take some extra mates to a weekend sporting challenge, then you’ll find the VW California’s seating capacity a bit limiting.

By comparison, a Revolution campervan can transport up to six people.

VW offers optional extra single seats that can be fitted between the front and rear seats, but this is not a convenient solution as they are heavy to lift in and out of the vehicle (and where are you going to store them?) and completely get in the way when camping.

That’s why we offer seating for up to six people in the Revolution Noah. It has a twin front passenger seat, plus a three-seater rear bench seat, so it can transport up to six people and still be used as a camper with its kitchen still fully accessible. You just need to take a tent or an awning for the two extra people to sleep in.

2. Individuality

As nice as the VW California is, they all come out of the factory looking pretty similar, give or take some two-tone paintwork, but Revolution Campervans offer much more individuality with a wide choice of alloy wheels, body kits and colour schemes for extra style. Want a pink campervan or a stripy roof? You can choose whatever you want with a Revolution Campervan.

3. Bespoke Specification & Interior

When you order a VW California, do you get a 1:1 session with a van designer? No. You do at Revolution. You can create a bespoke campervan to give you everything you want to make your campervan perfect for you. We let you choose what colour interior you’d like including worktops, flooring and curtains, or what about a colour-coordinated roof, lithium battery, mood lighting or solar panel? Fancy an oven? No problem. Just ask and we can make a bespoke campervan that you’ll enjoy forever.

4. Practicality

Being designed and converted in Germany, the California has its sliding side door on what would be the passenger side for the continent where they drive on the right. The conversion isn’t adapted for UK models with right-hand drive vehicles, so that means the side door is on the ‘wrong’ side for us, which isn’t so convenient as your passengers could be getting out on the road rather than the pavement.

And if you pitch at a campsite in the conventional way, you could have less privacy as you’ll be facing your neighbour’s door or awning. Revolution campervans always have the side door on the nearside (passenger side).

Media reviews of the California often comment on the top-loading compressor fridge as, inevitably, the lid gets used as extra worktop and seems to always have something on it which you have to move when you want to get something out. And, as it’s a chest-style fridge, it’s not very convenient if the thing you want is right at the bottom.

That’s why every Revolution campervan has a fridge with a door. It’s so much easier to use.

5. New or Used – Save Money

To make your dream campervan more affordable, if you wish, we can obtain a used Volkswagen base vehicle to convert. You still have the same craftsmanship and quality Revolution conversion, plus all the same choices to make a bespoke campervan. This means prices for a new campervan based on a used VW Transporter can start from around £30,000. A VW California for that price will have already had several years’ use.

Explore our range of campers for sale and find the right match for you. Use our search tool to filter by camper model and price.

6. Made in Britain

Although the Volkswagen base vehicle obviously comes from Germany, you can be proud that your Revolution Campervan has been converted in the UK. You will be supporting British entrepreneurs, craftsmanship and jobs. It also means the design is completely in tune with British needs and regulations.

7. See Your Dream Being Made

Being made in Britain means you can visit Revolution’s state-of-the-art production facility near Peterborough to see your dream campervan being created.

We feel this adds a nice personal touch for a vehicle that will be part of your family memories for years to come.

8. Dealer Network

Like the California, Revolution Campervans can be purchased at a network of trusted dealers across the UK; however, our dealers are specialist caravan or motorhome experts with plenty of experience and advice to offer you. They’ll usually have an accessory shop as well, be passionate about camping and happy to part exchange a motorhome or caravan.

The California is sold at a selection of Volkswagen Van Centres with opening hours that might not be as convenient as Revolution dealers (especially at weekends).

VW Commercial Vehicle dealers that sell the California usually have a specialist sales person, who knows the product well, but the majority of their business is commercial vehicles and not every member of staff will be passionate about camping or campers.

While talking about dealers, like VW Van Centres, Revolution dealers also offer part exchanges of any vehicle and competitive finance.

9. The Personal Touch

Here at Revolution we’re passionate about customer service and creating the best campervans with quality craftsmanship and materials. That means attention to detail and a commitment to growing our business by listening to our customers and creating leisure vehicles that improve your lifestyle.

We believe that personal touch makes our campervans the best you can get, which shines through in every Revolution model that leaves our workshop.

10. Value For Money

At the end of the day, pound for pound, we believe a Revolution campervan is better value for money than a California.

It will depend on your final specification, of course, but a Revolution campervan has whatever specification you want at a very competitive price. The smile on your face as your drive off in your dream campervan is, of course, priceless.

Ready to take the next step on your campervan journey? Find a dealer near you or get in touch with us for our latest offers and to find the camper of your dreams.

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