The world is on the move. Even before lockdown, millions of us were abandoning our offices and foreign holidays in favour of a more flexible, spontaneous life. The camper van is at the core of this new mobile reality.

A well-designed VW camper van lets people take their lives wherever they want, and enjoy the trip of a lifetime every single weekend. It will be the vehicle that powers the ‘Jump and Go’ generation.

This is the inspiration for Revolution. Our founders have already created hundreds of Volkswagen camper van conversions under their previous brand. Now they want to build the world’s best motorhome business, offering a van for every different age, background and lifestyle choice.

We’ve started off with three core vehicles, and we’ll be adding more. Each vehicle in our range can be adapted by the customer, using our unique technology. Every time we convert a new camper, we want to create the only van of its kind ever made.

At the same time, we never lose sight of the world-class design standards which have made Volkswagen one of the world’s favourite motorhome brands. A VW camper should be tough, resilient and versatile, and those values are welded into each van conversion.

Our ultimate goal is to power a new vehicle age, and help our customers unlock the world’s full potential. It’s an exciting journey, and we’re only just getting started.

Lakeside Camper Van
James (Craftsman)
Here at Revolution, we want to make campers we can all be proud of.
The Burtons: Brother’s on the go
Our VW camper is our life. For 10 years, we've used it to travel all over the UK. We love it.
James Ponting, DEALER
Working with Revolution is a breath of fresh air. We have been fully supported from start to finish.

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